Face mask in stretch cotton with crest logo for adult, blue

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Reusable individual protection mask, made of stretch cotton: comfortable and very useful to carry with you at all times.

The Running mask is designed to guarantee a natural feel and an absolute comfort. Here the combination of innovation and heritage reaches its maximum expression. 


  • Composition: Polyamide (PA) –Elastane (EA) 
  • Bi-Stretch –Anti-odor –Breathable –Safe in contact with skin 
  • Individually packed in full compliance with REACH regulations
  • Sanitized with steam at 100°


  • Waterproof “anti-drop” treatment: it acts as an invisible shield to block the drops. 
  • It is an effective barrier which prevents drops from sticking to the fabric. 
  • Drops do not penetrate into the fabric. 
  • The risk of infections is reduced thanks to the minimization of the contacts with the drops. 
  • The breathability of the fabric is not compromised 
  • Antibacterial sanitized treatment: it improves the hygiene and reduces the risk of infections thanks to its antiviral characteristics on fabrics. 
  • It effectively diminishes the viral load on fabrics. 
  • Lasting odor control up to 10 times after washing 


Sanitized with steam at 100° 


It can be washed up to 30 degrees
“Anti-drop” effects lasts prudentially for 15 times