Gift Card - How to purchase and use it

The sale of Gift Cards is temporarily suspended as of 12/27/2023. For all Gift Card purchasers prior to this date and for all MyASR users who have redeemed the Gift Card in their account, the conditions below will subsist.

The AS Roma Gift Card is the perfect gift idea to leave the recipient maximum freedom to buy what they want among the many products available on the official AS Roma online store.

Remember that this gift card can be used within one year from the date of purchase, exclusively online on this site and it is not valid on other sites or physical AS Roma Store.

It is not possible to use discount codes for the purchase of a gift card.

1. Buy an AS Roma gift card:

To give a gift card to anyone you wish follow these simple steps:

  • Select the amount of the gift card you wish to give, among those available or enter an amount of your choice
  • Enter the name and email of the sender and the recipient of the gift card
  • Add, if you want, a personalized message that will be included in the email sent to the recipient of the gift card along with its voucher
  • Add to cart and complete your order
  • As soon as your order is approved, you will receive a confirmation email with the details of your order
  • The recipient will receive via email his gift card, corresponding to his/her unique alphanumeric code, the name and email contact of the sender and the personalized message that you have indicated in the order phase.

2. How to use an AS Roma gift card

Are you the lucky recipient of an AS Roma online gift card? Then you can choose to use your voucher on our official store in two ways:

2.a) Use your gift card as a guest user:

If you do not have a MyASR account and do not wish to create one, simply enter the unique code you received via email in the "Apply Gift Card" space in the shopping cart.

The amount of the gift card will be deducted in whole or in part from the order you are finalizing.

If the amount contained in your gift card is not enough to finalize the current order, you can complete it by adding the missing amount through an available payment method. If you have a discount code, you can add it to your cart in the dedicated section to take advantage of a discount on the items you want to buy: just remember to enter the codes correctly in the dedicated fields (the discount code in the field "Apply discount code" and the gift card in the field "Apply gift card").

You can use the gift card several times, until its monetary value is exhausted.

2.b) Redeem and use your gift card as a MyASR user:

If you already have an active MyASR account, Click here.

If you would like to create your MyASR account now and join the club dedicated to those with a yellow-red heart, proceed to register by clicking HERE

Once you have accessed your MyASR account, click on the arrow next to your name at the top right of your screen and go to "My Account".

Go to the Gift Card section and enter the code you received via email.

Click on "Redeem Gift Card": the value of your gift card will be converted into Store Credit and it will always be available within your account and visible both in your account and in your cart as a payment option when you finalize your orders (until the credit runs out).

The credit available is always visible in the section "store credit".

Within your account you can check and redeem more than one gift card and monitor at any time the total or partial spend you have made using a gift card.

If you have additional questions about purchasing or using a gift card, please contact our customer service department at or read the terms and conditions related to purchasing, using and returning a gift card available by clicking here

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