“Storie e curiosità sulla grande AS Roma che non ti hanno mai raccontato” [Stories and anecdotes that you never knew about the great AS Roma] by Luca Pelosi

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The legends, the victories and the star names of AS Roma are all contained within this book. The club, the fans, the triumphs, the failures – the emotions that only the Giallorossi can inspire. AS Roma is all this and more. A legend that will never die and on which countless words – both written and spoken – have been spent. Contained within these pages – within the fibres of the jerseys worn by its players, the banners of the Curva Sud and the memories of its key protagonists – are the historic events that made Roma what it is. These stories – some of which are well-known, with others being revealed for the first time – will bring the history of Roma to life through forgotten victories, superstitions, moments of madness and legendary remarks. It all adds up to create the extraordinary mosaic that is – and will always be – AS Roma.