‘Romanisti in 100 personaggi +1” [101 Romanisti]

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One hundred and one Roma fans reveal their love for the Giallorossi through entertaining personal accounts. The crazy lengths they have gone to to support their team, their highs – the memorable wins, the unforgettable goals – and their lows. The galling defeats and the difficult moments that they've always overcome. Because when you support Roma, you never lose. There is a sense of pride and belonging coursing through every page of this book, which speaks to the strong bond between Roma and Rome by shining a light on how people support it in different ways in the various areas of the huge Eternal City. The spirit of AS Roma is indelibly linked to the spirit of Rome: both the club and the city are known for their gallows humour and unerring optimism mixed with fatalistic sarcasm. Of course, a huge part of both club and city is the eternal rivalry with Lazio – and the derby is where Rome’s playful spirit shines through the brightest.


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