AS Roma Retro Football, Size 5

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This AS Roma soccer ball is a tribute to the history of soccer, and of the team. It embodies the nostalgic spirit of the game, with a retro design and high-quality technical features. Perfect for reliving the spirit of old-time soccer with elegance and experiencing an authentic and unique playing experience.

Technical features:

  • The size 5 ball is composed of 18 panels, giving it a classic shape and authentic touch.
  • Is expertly hand-sewn, recalling the craftsmanship of balls of the past. The top of the ball is made of authentic cowhide.
  • The ball features two layers of 150g PV fabric laminated with liquid rubber latex for added strength and durability.
  • The stitching thread used is 100 percent polyester, composed of 5 interlaced and waxed threads for added strength.
  • The inner inner tube of the balloon is made of 80-85 g rubber latex, equipped with a butyl valve for better air tightness.
  • The ball weighs between 400 and 450 grams, offering an optimal balance between handling and power.
  • The circumference of the ball varies between 68 and 70 cm, meeting size standards for a regulation soccer ball.