AS Roma soccer ball metallic finish and Wolf Logo, Size 1

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The AS Roma soccer ball is the perfect choice for fans looking for precision and control in their game. Whether you're playing a game or perfecting your skills during training sessions, this ball with its advanced features and high-quality construction will help you elevate your game to new levels.


  • size 1 made with 32 panels,to ensure optimal shape and predictable trajectory.
  • Seams reinforced with propylene thread for added strength and durability.
  • PVC upper with a 2.7 mm high weave pattern, providing superior touch feel and wear resistance
  • equipped with a 150 g polyester fabric layer for added stability and durability.
  • equipped with a 30 gr natural rubber inner tube with butyl valve for better air seal.
  • Weighing 140 grams, this ball offers exceptional control and great handling on the field.
  • The circumference of the ball varies between 40 and 41.5 cm, providing adequate size for accurate play.