AS Roma soccer ball metallic finish and Lupo Logo, Size 5

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The AS Roma metallic soccer ball is the perfect equipment to add style and personality to your game. With its metallic finish and high-quality technical features, you will not only achieve outstanding performance but also attract attention on the field.

Technical features:

  • Composed of 5 sections and 32 panels, ensuring optimal shape and precise trajectory.
  • Precise stitching and reinforced with propylene thread for durability and strength.
  • PVC upper with a 2.7 mm high weave pattern, providing a superior touch feel and increased wear resistance.
  • Equipped with a layer of 150 g polyester fabric for enhanced stability and durability.
  • The inner bladder of the ball is made of 80 g natural rubber, equipped with a butyl valve for better air retention.
  • Weighs 410 grams, offering an optimal balance between maneuverability and power.
  • The circumference of the ball varies between 68 and 70 cm, complying with the size standards for a regulation soccer ball.