AS Roma retro volleyball, Size 5

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The AS Roma Volleyball is ideal for Giallorossi fans who love volleyball and want to play with style and passion. With its vintage design and technical features it will give you an exceptional playing experience.

Technical features:

  • The size 5 ball is composed of 18 panels, is precision stitched using specialized machines for durability and strength.
  • The cover is made of high-quality PVC, providing a soft touch and comfortable feel during play.
  • features a layer of 150-gram polyester fabric for added stability and durability.
  • The stitching thread used is 100 percent polypropylene, providing a firm and strong seal.
  • The inner inner tube of the ball is made of 40 gr natural rubber, equipped with a butyl valve for a better air seal.
  • The ball weighs 280 grams, offering excellent handling and ease of play.
  • The circumference of the ball varies between 65 and 67 cm, meeting the size standards for a regulation volleyball.